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Kunden lieben unsere Technologie

"The Brainient Studio is a comprehensive, cross-device, programmatic creative authoring solution. Its simplicity and user-centered design make it a fantastic creative solution for advertisers."

Andrew Balfour
Global Creative Innovation Lead

"The Brainient Studio has helped us to deliver creative, innovative and dynamic advertising solutions on behalf of our clients across our various platforms. The functionality and versatility of the studio means that we can deal with almost any brief that comes our way."

Stephen Poole
Multi Platform Group Sales Controller

"The simple and easy-to-use interface means we can deliver our campaigns quickly and easily without compromising on creativity. The rich features and functionality means that we can deliver ambitious and exciting solutions for our clients."

Jon Clarke
Producer and Commercial Digital Designer

"Brainient is an amazing opportunity for video advertisers to go beyond traditional TV spots and to create impactful or interactive formats. The platform is totally user friendly, easy to use in self-service and the Brainient team is available if needed."

Thomas Verger
Account Director

"I regularly use the Brainient Studio and in my experience the simplicity of the platform makes it easy to navigate and very user friendly when building an interactive unit. The flexibility to manipulate different components and reposition where desired is also a great feature which I’ve noticed is especially lacking on other creative studios. Additionally, the different creative formats available in the studio makes this a great product as it allows our clients to be more successful in the way they sell interactive campaigns."

Jason Yeung
Platform Management Associate, EMEA

"Brainient have built a robust and flexible platform that allows us to work creative solutions to assist with specific client business needs. Being able to create, deliver, and analyse performance of enhanced video creative in one intuitive platform is a huge plus for us as a business. We have also been impressed by the ability of the Brainient team to seamlessly add new features that further enhance the product set we work across."

Antongiulio La Corte
Country Manager UK